Cod & Wild Garlic Dauphinoise

Cod & Wild Garlic Dauphinoise
Recipe from Tom’s BBC Three Counties Radio show – 26.03.2017
Serves 4

4 200g cod fillet portions
2 kg Maris Piper potato’s
4 banana shallot, finely chopped
500ml of double cream
150ml of double cream
Handful of wild garlic
Salt & Pepper

Dauphinoise method
Sweat the shallots until translucent (do not colour) add white wine and reduce by half. Add cream and bring to a simmer, season to taste with salt & pepper . Blend with wild garlic to form the mixture. Peal potatoes and slice to approx. 2mm using a mandolin or sharp knife. Layer the potatoes in a baking dish, lightly seasoning each layer, pour the cream & garlic mixture. Cover in foil, then bake at 180°c for approx. 2 hours

Cod Method
Lightly oil flesh & skin of cod fillets, season generously with salt & pepper. Place under hot grill, skin side up for approximately 6-7 minutes, dependent on thickness of fish.